Little Princess Academy

So on mah big, my daughter and son attend the LPA, and since they’re not around much and one of my sponsors has alot of awesome kid poses Abrielle decided to make more of an apperance around SL. Tonight, I got to hang out with Anna and my potential mom and got some really awesome pictures with her for one of my LPA assignments and since I’m using a Snap Happy pose I thought I would put it here in mah bloggy!  Thank you Potential Momma for posing wif me!



Who doesn’t love being held and snuggled in their momma’s arms or just someone special? Though she’s not my momma yets, she’s pretty awesome and fits really with mine bigs sister Anna-stinkerfacepoo- but yah! I like this lady lots!  Oh I guess that since I’m practicing being a Princess I shouldn’t call her stinkerfacepoo so my apologies Anna love you bunches of oats! *nods*

So General Education was to take a picture of your family… so this my family part of it anyways. 🙂

Pose: Mommy’s Love Bug by .snap happy poses @ Mainstore Location


Abrielle is wearing:

Toodledoo Body | Bit (bit.mcmillan)
Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Charmy | milok.hermit
{ud} Dreamers Eye aquamarine | Aɴᴀ Mᴀʀɪᴀ Jᴏʟɪᴇ Nᴊᴏʜʀ (lilanachristina)

Doe: Katrin (solid) – Browns | Helyanwe Vindaloo

{PB} Piper Overalls Teal Baby with sneakers! | Ryleigh Elaine Parker (manuela.wardark)

Anderian aka Potential Momma 
Dress: Tres Blah Belted Shift | Julliette Westerburg
Hair: Lamb Prove it |Lamb Bellic